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Commander X during the War
Commander X during the War
Branch of Service Army & Navy
Rank Captain
Service Number XR-1140-CEF
Dates of Service Seasons 80-85
Season 87-92
Significant Commands SS South Lakes
SS Husnock
Battles and Campaigns Battle of Second Strike
Battle of the Homeworld
Significant Awards Medal of Gallantry (posthumous)
Medal of Commendation
Medal of Sacrifice
Status Killed in Action

"We've done our bid for King and Country" -Commander X

X, more commonly known as "Commander X", was the Executive Officer of the Strike Force against the Husnock as well as a trusted protegee of General Endicott. Eventually promoted to Captain, X participated in several major engagements during the War.

Early Life

Commander X was born as "Robert" in Season 74 and was the son of Dalton, a highly influential and powerful politician of the Forum. In Season 80, Commander X briefly served in the Army as an enlisted Private; however, he was dismissed from Army service in Season 85 due to disciplinary infractions. After that time, he changed his name simply to "X".

Joining the Navy

Commander X joined the Navy in Season 87 as an enlisted Recruit and was advanced to Crewman one year later. Due to his father's influence, he was commissioned a Lieutenant in Season 89 (without having attended the Service Academy) and assigned to vessel ST-887 (later known as the SS South Lakes). Commander X served as Weapons Officer and was onboard the South Lakes when the War with the Husnock broke out.

Endicott's Protegee

In Season 91, X was promoted to Commander on orders from General Endicott after the relief of Colonel Joseph. Commander X served as Executive Officer of the [SS Husnock]] and also replaced Joseph as Executive Officer of the Strike Force against the Husnock. Commander X began acting commander of the Strike Force after General Endicott became Supreme Commander of the Army. During the Battle of Second Strike, X distinguished himself in combat against the forces of the Second Husnock.

Spectacular End

Captain X during the Battle of the Homeworld

In Season 92, Commander X was promoted to Captain and assigned to command his own ship, the ST-920. During the Battle of the Homeworld, Captain X led a vanguard assault against several Husnock vessels.

After suffering heavy damage and having most of his command staff killed, Captain X led a suicide run and collided head-on with a Husnock warship, destroying the ship as well as several other nearby Husnock craft. Captain X's own ship was also instantly destroyed with Captain X killed in the engagement.

Summary of Career

Date of Rank


  • Recruit: Season 80
  • Private: Season 81

Dismissed from the Army: Season 85


  • Recruit: Season 87
  • Crewman: Season 88
  • Lieutenant: Season 89
  • Commander: Season 91
  • Captain: Season 92

Killed in action: Season 92

Significant Assignments

  • SS South Lakes: Season 89
  • SS Husnock: Season 91
  • ST-920: Season 92

Awards and Decorations

  • Medal of Gallantry (Posthumous)
  • Medal of Commendation
  • Medal of Sacrifice
  • Army Expeditionary Medal
  • Navy Campaign Medal
  • Husnock Service Medal
  • Special Operations Service Ribbon