The uniforms and insignia of the Service were the rank insignia and clothing worn by members of the Service. The ranks were originally those of the Navy and adopted for the Service after the conclusion of the War. The ranks were slightly expanded in Season 111 after the opening of the Space Bridge with the Husnock.

Standard Uniforms


A Flag officer
with closed collar and tie

The standard uniform of the Service was a black trench coat worn with white shirt, black pants, and black working shoes. Officers and enlisted personnel wore the white shirt open while flag officers wore a closed collar with tie.

A second type of uniform, originally worn only by ship commanders and some flag officers, was a blue rayon colored coat made of radiation resistant fabric. When the Service expanded their rank system in Season 111, this jacket was adopted by all ranks; however, some personnel continued to wear the black trench coat of the previous issue.

Original Ranks

The original ranks of the Service were the same as used by the Navy prior to the War. Officers wore rank insignia on shoulder boards while enlisted personnel displayed rank stripes on the center left sleeve.

Enlisted Ranks


Service enlisted ranks (First Pattern)

Officer Ranks


Service officer ranks (First Pattern)

Expanded Ranks

In Season 111 the service expanded their rank insignia to include the addition of three new enlisted ranks, two officer titles, as well as well expanding the single Admiral rank into three separate grades. The dark blue fabric trench coat was adopted by all ranks with officer rank displayed on the shoulders while enlisted ranks were worn on the left sleeve.

Enlisted Ranks


Service enlisted ranks (Second Pattern)

Officer Ranks


Service officer ranks (Second Pattern)

Flag Officer Ranks


Expanded Flag officer ranks

All Admirals were addressed simply as "Admiral", regardless of their formal title

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