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The original Navy service jacket

The uniforms and insignia of the Navy were those standard uniforms and rank insignia utilized by the Navy between Seasons 42 and 93.

Original uniforms

The original uniform of the Navy consisted of a double breast coat worn with gold sleeve braids for officers and sleeve chevrons for enlisted personnel. This Navy uniform was established upon the founding of the Navy during the Great Conflict and remained the standard Navy uniform for nearly fifty years.

Navy uniforms (First Pattern)

Original Navy enlisted insignia

Navy enlisted insignia was originally worn as chevrons on the upper left sleeve of the service uniform jacket. The following enlisted ranks were established upon the founding of the Navy in Season 41.

  • Recruit
  • Crewman
  • Specialist
  • Chief Specialist
  • Warrant Officer

Officer insignia was originally worn on the lower sleeves in the form of gold sleeve braids. The original officer ranks were as follows:

Original Navy officer insignia

Navy uniforms (Second Pattern)

The Navy service trench coat

In Season 90, the Forum passed the "Resolution for the Consolidation of the Services" which effectively placed the Navy under the complete control of the Army. The Army Central Staff promptly ordered that all Navy personnel would begin wearing Army uniforms.

The Navy jacket was thereafter discontinued and replaced with the Army trench coat. The Navy uniform retained the white dress shirt, which was now worn with an open collar except in formal occasions. The Navy uniform was worn black pants and working shoes.

Revised Insignia

Revised Navy enlisted insignia

Revised Navy officer insignia

Under the new insignia system, officers wore silver striped rank on shoulder boards while enlisted personnel continued to wear insignia on the left sleeve, but now in silver using the Army pattern. A new rank of Chief Warrant Officer was also created to give parity to the Army rank of First Sergeant.

Transition to the Service

Following the close of the War, the Navy was re-consolidated into a new armed force called the Service. The uniforms of the Navy were then used as a template for the design of the uniforms and insignia of the Service.