"I was Supreme Commander of the Army!" -General Endicott

Insignia for SCotA

Supreme Commander of the Army (SCotA) was a special rank held by General Endicott during the years of the War. Granted by the Forum in Season 92, the title authorized Endicott to assume combined command of all Army and Navy forces in the war with the Husnock.


The rank of Supreme Commander of the Army was created by Forum Resolution 505 which also promoted Endicott to the position. Endicott's first action as Supreme Commander of the Army was to disband the Army Central Staff and appoint himself as the sole commander for the entire Army. Endicott then published Army Executive Order 116 which formally subordinated the Navy to the Army with the Chief of Operations now a member of Endicott's personal staff.

In Practice

Endicott's main advantage of his new rank was to serve as both head of the Army and chief field commander in the War with the Husnock. Rather than operating from a headquarters on the Homeworld, Endicott instead specified the SS Husnock as his flagship and it is from here that he ran all war efforts. Endicott often took personal command of military engagements, and his ship was on the front lines during the Battle of the Homeworld.


The insignia for Supreme Commander of the Army consisted of a standard Army General's star with the addition of gold shoulder board trim.

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