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Service Order 23 was a directive of the Service High Command authorizing field commissions for those enlisted personnel of the SS Husnock who were assigned officer billets for the duration of the Mission. The order also granted permanent promotions of Anthony and Balthazar to Commander and Lieutenant respectively.

Order Text

From: Service High Command
To: Commanding Officer, SS Husnock (ST-1703-E)
Date: 15 Standard Date 10, Season 93


Ref: (a) Service Personnel Manual, Chapter 7, Paragraph 3, Section C

1. In accordance with reference (a), the following permanent promotions are announced:

  • Lieutenant Anthony - Commander, date of rank 15 Standard Date 10, Season 93
  • Chief Warrant Officer Balthazar - Lieutenant, date of rank 15 Standard Date 10, Season 93

2. Temporary promotion to the rank of Lieutenant is granted to personnel currently holding the billets of Navigator, Chief Engineer, Operations Officer, and Weapons Officer of the SS Husnock [N 1].

So ordered this date by the Service High Command

Promotion Transmissions

Referencing the original promotion order, additional officer promotions onboard the SS Husnock were granted in later years by long range transmissions. As before, permanent promotions were issued for the Commanding and Executive Officers while Department Heads received temporary ranks. Promotions of enlisted personnel were handled internally as authorized by the vessel's Commanding Officer.

Promotion Dates

  • 15 Standard Date 8, Season 94: Anthony promoted to Captain, Balthazar promoted to Commander
  • 18 Standard Date 5, Season 96: Anthony promoted to Commodore, Balthazar promoted to Captain.
  • 12 Standard Date 7, Season 96: Navigator and Chief Engineer granted temporary rank as Commander

Further Promotions

In the summer of Season 96, Anthony ordered the SS Husnock to engage in silent running and severed all contact with the Homeworld. No further promotions were issued until the SS Husnock returned to the Homeworld ten years later. At that time, Anthony was promoted to Admiral while Balthazar became a Commodore. All ships' officers were then granted permanent rank as Commander. The ship's Navigator, Chief Engineer, and Operations Officer became Captains shortly thereafter.


  1. The billets of Medical and Supply Officer were both unfilled when the SS Husnock embarked on the Mission