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The Resolution for the Consolidation of the Services was a law past in the summer of Season 90 by the Forum and was intended to create a combined command structure between the Army and the Navy.


After the close of the Clearview Campaigns, several senior officers of the Army began lobbying the Forum to disband the Navy in favor of a strictly Army space fleet. Unwilling to commit so radical a restructure of the Homeworld armed forces, the Forum instead drafted a bill in Season 89 which severely curtailed the Navy's authority and proposed that the Chief of Naval Operations be subordinate to the Army Central Staff.

Legislation and Legalization

The resolution was placed before three internal committees of the Forum before being put to a general vote in the winter of Season 89. With an approval of 91%, the resolution was sent to the Chairman of the Forum for legalization at the start of Season 90.

Rumors quickly began circulating that the Chairman would veto the resolution, yet in the spring of Season 90 the resolution was legalized. Years later it was discovered that the Chairman - a politician named Edward - had been manipulated into signing the resolution by a group of Army officers who were later learned to be members of the Order. Chief among the petitioners was a junior Army Colonel named Endicott.

The Resolution in Effect

When the resolution became active in the summer of Season 90, the Army quickly moved to strip the Navy of most of its authority. Several starship squadrons were disbanded with the remaining majority of Navy starships transferred to Army control.

The Chief of Naval Operations, although technically still an independent entity, was now required to submit all fleet orders through Army channels prior to distribution to the Navy Fleet. In a final act of indignity, the Army directed that all Navy personnel begin wearing modified uniforms in the same manner as the Army.

Resolution Nullification

After the devastating defeat of the War at the hands of the Husnock, it became obvious that the resolution had been an effort by the Army to seize military power so as to propagate a genocidal campaign. In Season 93, the Act for the Establishment of the Service formally nullified the resolution.