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Members of the Race

The Race (sometimes referred to as the Herd, Clan, or Pack) were the inhabitants of the Homeworld.


It is believed that the Race originated outside of the Homeworld and were somehow transported or "seeded" on their current planet some thousands of years ago.

The earliest records of the race pertain to the story of Gefla who united a group of desert tribes and formed the first cohesive nation some four thousand years before the standard era. Gefla Canyon was a historic landmark to this legend.


The Race were asexual, born to another member of the Race and generally very similar to their parent in appearance. Most members of the Race are only able to create one offspring.

New offspring of the race will typically appear in other areas of the parent's home

When a member of the Race chooses to reproduce, their offspring will appear in another area of their house within five to ten days. The exact biology of how a member of the Race is born has never been fully researched. Members of the Race appear at birth already mature and are considered as full adults at the age of five.

A large number of the Race

The average life expectancy of the Race is generally between seventy to eighty five years of age. In Season 115, a highly classified report was released by the Forum indicating that the Race and the Husnock share similar genetic traits and may once have been members of the same species.


As of Season 115, there were 2.5 billion members of the Race living on the Homeworld. During the War, one billion of the Race were killed during the Battle of the Homeworld.