The Order was a secretive society comprised of a select few Army officers who operated clandestinely in a "shadow government" to the Forum. The purpose of the Order was to preserve the ideals of the Army and promote the Race as the supreme beings in the Galaxy.


The Order is believed to have been founded by Oran in Season 65 as a result of growing distrust between the Army military leadership and the political leadership of the Forum. The Order is believed to have conducted several clandestine operations during its early years of existence and may have been involved in the assassination of Chairman John in Season 66.

Endicott and the Order

It is believed that General Endicott was a member of the Order, having first joined in Season 78. Some of Endicott's actions during the Clearview Campaigns were stated to have been influenced by the Order. When the Husnock were discovered to exist, it is beleived that Endicott formulated a plan with the help of the Order to massively expand the Army in response to thsi new threat. As part of his scheme, Endicott misled the Forum into appointing him as Supreme Commander of the Army and thereafter launched a genocidal war against the Husnock.

Fate of the Order

The Order is believed to have collapsed after Endicott's defeat in the war. Even so, as late as Season 102, some elements of the Order were suspected to persist within the halls of Service Intelligence.

No Navy members were known to have ever been recruited into the Order, although Admiral Anthony once claimed he had been approached by the Order in Season 90, just prior to the outbreak of the War. Anthony refused membership although stated that the Order was in fact recruiting Navy Officers as late as Season 93.

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