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General Oran in Season 75
General Oran in Season 75
Branch of Service Army
Rank General
Service Number HU-111-HRC
Dates of Service Season 41-81
Significant Commands LH-591
Western Army Command
Army Central Staff
Battles and Campaigns Great Conflict
Significant Awards Medal of Honor
Medal of Heroism
Distinguished Service Cross
Status Dead

Oran was a member of the Army who served as one of its most senior General officers and as Chief of the Central Staff. He was a mentor to several other high ranking officers, including General Endicott. It is commonly believed that General Oran was the founder of the Order.

Early Life and Career

Oran was born in Season 19, the son of William. In Season 41, Oran joined the Army upon the outbreak of the Great Conflict. He served throughout the war on several Army space vessels and was distinguished in combat several times.

When the Great Conflict ended in Season 45, Oran became an Army Company Commander and later served as a staff adjutant to General Douglas. Oran was promoted to Major and remained Douglas's aide until Season 62 when the later retired from the Army. Oran was then promoted to Colonel and served as an Army Infantry Commander before posted to command space vessel LH-591.

Army Command

Oran was promoted to General in Season 67 and became a Corps Commander in the Western Army Command. He joined the Army Central Staff in Season 71 and became Chief of the Central Staff in Season 75.

Later Life

General Oran served in the Army for over thirty five years until his retirement in Season 81. He died shortly afterwards in Season 85.

Summary of Service

Dates of Rank

  • Lieutenant: Season 41
  • Captain: Season 48
  • Major: Season 55
  • Colonel: Season 62
  • General: Season 67

Awards and Decorations

  • Medal of Honor
  • Medal of Heroism
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Conspicuous Service Legion
  • Medal of Commendation
  • Medal of Achievement
  • Medal of Service
  • Army Expeditionary Medal
  • Army Campaign Medal
  • General Service Medal
  • Space Command Ribbon