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Husnock Wikia
"This is...Colonel Malachi"
"It's Captain, actually" -Admiral Anthony and Colonel Malachi
Colonel Malachi during the War
Colonel Malachi during the War
Branch of Service Army
Rank Colonel (Army)
Captain (Service)
Service Number ZX-33456-RTR
Dates of Service Season 84-93
Season 99-102
Significant Commands ST-2010
Battles and Campaigns Battle of Second Strike
Battle of the Homeworld
Significant Awards Medal of Gallantry
Medal of Commendation
Status Dead

Malachi was a Colonel in the Army and later Captain of a Standard Transport Class Vessel. He was killed by Admiral Anthony after ordering the former to return to the Homeworld during the years of the Mission.

"You are hereby ordered to relinquish command of your vessel to me. You are further ordered to set course for the Homeworld immediately. Your over." -Colonel Malachi's order to Admiral Anthony