"Like staring into infinity..." -Captain Balthazar

The sparsely spread stars at Galaxy's Edge, looking outwards to inter-galactic space

Galaxy's Edge is a region of space at the extreme edge of the Southern Galactic Quadrant which serves as a border between the Galaxy and Inter-Galactic Space.

Located approximately 1,974 light spans from the Homeworld, the SS Husnock reached Galaxy's Edge is Season 98 during the years of the Mission. The ship's sensors recorded very low radiation in the area with only a handful of star systems, of which only one (Timbers) was inhabited.

Of interest was that the First Husnock from the War had taken refuge at Galaxy's Edge, existing in a small number of transport like vessel. Anthony, the commander of the SS Husnock, was able to contact the First Husnock and apologize for the actions of the War before departing from the region.

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