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Location of the Core Systems on the Galactic Plane

The Core Systems are a collection of mostly Class 2 and 3 stars located in the Southern Galactic Quadrant. The Homeworld was located in the Core Systems as were several Husnock planets. The Core Systems were the site of the war between the Homeworld and the Husnock.

Galactic Location

The Core Systems were located on a southwesterly vector from Galactic Center and was bordered by the Galactic Accretion Disk on the system's eastern edge. On the opposite end of the Core Systems lay the Great Expanse which effectively separated the region from the remainder of the Southern Galactic Quadrant.

Directly above the Core Systems on the Galactic Plane was the North Galactic Quadrant. Considered unreachable for many years due to the Great Plasma Storm, the first exploration of this region took place in Season 106.

Stellar Layout

Celestial Index

Inhabited Planets

Minor Stars

  • Durkin
  • Gates
  • Maltacon
  • Merkins-RCSP
  • Spatzel-81
  • Zebradon

Celestial Bodies

  • Mosconi-AP 93
  • SLHS-8993

Space Installations