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Insignia for Commander
(Service versions)

Commander was a rank of the Navy and later the Service. The title of "Commander" was also frequently used by both Army and Navy command personnel alike.

Navy rank

The Navy rank of Commander was rated between a Lieutenant and Captain. The rank of Commander was typically held by senior department heads or by Executive Officers of space vessels. The rank was also common as a mid-level staff position for officers assigned to flag staffs.

Service rank

Upon the creation of the Service, the rank of Commander was transferred in its duties and insignia from the old Navy version to the new ranks of the Service. In Season 111, the rank became somewhat more significant with the creation of the new Lieutenant Commander position. At that time, the rank of Commander began to be held by junior ship captains who had not yet been promoted to the actual rank of Captain.

When in the company of Lieutenant Commanders, the rank of Commander was often referred to as "Full Commander" to differentiate between the two positions.

Army title

The term "commander" was frequently used by Army personnel who commanded independent units such as infantry commands or assault battalions. The term was not used by Army personnel in command of space vessels. In such cases, the Army officer was referred to by their exact rank in order to avoid confusion with any onboard Navy personnel.

During the war, General Endicott adopted a special rank and title known as Supreme Commander of the Army. This position gave Endicott total and direct control over both the Army and Navy.

Notable Commanders

  • X
  • Balthazar