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Husnock Wikia
Captain Charles in Season 85
Captain Charles in Season 85
Branch of Service Navy
Rank Commodore
Service Number DT-6672-CEC
Dates of Service Season 82-92
Significant Commands ST-1703, ST-1982
Battles and Campaigns Battle of the Homeworld
Significant Awards Medal of Commendation
Medal of Sacrifice
Status Killed in Action

Charles was a Commodore in the Navy who served as the first commander of vessel ST-1703 (later to be known as the SS Husnock).

Early Life and Career

Charles was born in Season 63 and attended the Service Academy between Seasons 68 and 71. He was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Navy and served onboard three different vessels, rising to the rank of Commander.


When vessel ST-1703 was commissioned in Season 82, Charles was selected as its first commander. He conducted space trials in the fall of Season 82 followed by a garrison patrol of the Core Systems in Season 84. The next year, Charles was assigned a new Executive Officer from the Army - Endicott, who Charles found to be "sly and unmilitary".

During the Clearview Campaigns, Charles received several orders to implement operations to which Endicott was the primary commander. A relationship developed between the two men where as Charles would command his vessel while Endicott oversaw the various missions. The two men came to a mutual understanding and had no significant difficulties during these years although neither did they respect each other.

Later Naval Career

In Season 89, Endicott was promoted to Colonel and replaced Charles as the Commanding Officer of ST-1703. Officially, Charles was "rewarded" for his service and promoted to Commodore, although it was well known in both Army and Navy circles that Endicott had maneuvered Charles's dismissal as vessel commander for his own gain.

Charles was thereafter assigned to an unimportant administrative posting at Navy Headquarters and held this position until Season 91. Upon the outbreak of the War, Charles was ordered to command a ship within the Navy Fleet and subsequently became the commander of vessel ST-1982. During the Battle of the Homeworld, Charles' vessel was one of the first ships ordered against the advancing Husnock - some speculate this was intentionally done by General Endicott who wanted his former commander quickly eliminated. Regardless, Charles' ship was destroyed by the Husnock with a lose of all hands.

Summary of Service

Dates of Rank

Awards and Decorations

  • Medal of Heroism (posthumous)
  • Medal of Commendation
  • Medal of Achievement
  • Medal of Service
  • Medal of Sacrifice (posthumous)
  • Navy Campaign Medal
  • Husnock Service Medal
  • Space Command Ribbon
  • Space Service Deployment Ribbon