Admiral Andrew in Season 91
Admiral Andrew in Season 91
Branch of Service Navy
Rank Admiral
Service Number TB-111-OCO
Dates of Service Season 81-92
Significant Commands LH-1213, Starship Group 12, Navy Fleet,
Chief of Naval Operations
Battles and Campaigns Battle of the Homeworld
Significant Awards Medal of Commendation
Medal of Achievement
Medal of Sacrifice
Status Killed in Action

Andrew was an Admiral of the Navy who served as the Chief of Naval Operations during the years of the War. Considered an extremely weak and incompetent officer, under his leadership the Navy was completely overshadowed by the Army with Navy commanders losing all but the most marginal of authority to their Army counterparts.

Early Life and Career

Andrew was born in Season 74 and attended the Service Academy, graduating in Season 81. He served as a Lieutenant until Season 86 when we was promoted to Commander and assigned as Executive Officer of vessel LH-1213. He was promoted to Captain the following year and assigned to survey the outskirts of SLHS-8993.

Service during the War

In Season 90, Andrew was promoted directly to Admiral under the advice to the Forum of General Endicott. He was assigned to command a Starship Group but then was rapidly appointed as commander of the entire Navy Fleet. It was learned years later that Endicott had maneuvered this promotion in order to have a weak Navy commander so as not to challenge Endicott's own authority.

Upon the outbreak of the War, Endicott assigned all Navy vessels under Army command, leaving the Navy Fleet as a small reserve force set in orbit around the Homeworld. Content with his duties, Andrew did little to protest, and therefore was surprised in Season 91 when he was appointed as Chief of Naval Operations.

For the next two years, Andrew occupied a desk at Navy Headquarters and did little except sign orders given to him by Endicott. By Season 93, he was seen as nothing more than a figurehead with Army control over the Navy all but confirmed.

Final Service and Death

When the Second Husnock moved towards the Homeworld in Season 93, Endicott ordered the Navy Fleet mobilized with Andrew as its commander. During the Battle of the Homeworld, the Navy Fleet took a rear position but was quickly drawn into combat due to overwhelming Husnock strength.

In an uncharacteristic act, Andrew stayed on the bridge of his flagship to the bitter end, directing Navy forces against the Husnock. He was killed when a squadron of Husnock warships attacked and obliterated his vessel.

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