Space Station AHS-35 Alpha

AHS-35 Alpha was a small Husnock space station located on the edge of the Core Systems. The station was approximately twenty eight light spans from the Homeworld, on a northerly vector course towards the Great Expanse.

First Contact

The Husnock residing on the station were unconnected to those of their race from the War and the station's existence was not known of until Season 93 when the SS Husnock made a passing sensor sweep on its way outward bound from the Core Systems to conduct the Mission. The station became a minor footnote in the SS Husnock's mission log and was soon forgotten.

Renewed Contact

In Season 113, a team from Service Science rediscovered the AHS-35 Alpha space station while conducting astronomical readings on the Core System's edge. A transmission was dispatched to which the Husnock promptly responded, declaring their friendly intentions.

In Season 115, the SS Husnock was again in the vicinity of the space station and proceeded to dock to make contact with the inhabitants. Several Husnock observers from Anagnos Prime later visted the station and promptly formed a trade agreement with their fellow Husnock.